We're thrilled to invite your little ones, aged 5 to 12, to embark on an exciting journey of faith, fun, and fellowship at our Pentecostal church's KidsTime Children's Program! 

What is KidsTime?

At ELIM TABERNACLE, KidsTime is more than just a program—it's a vibrant community where children are encouraged to discover the joy of knowing Jesus, building friendships, and expressing their unique personalities. This is a place where faith comes alive in colorful and imaginative ways!

Faith, Fun, & Friendship!

Our KidsTime program is designed to provide a dynamic and interactive space for children to grow in their understanding of God's love. Through engaging activities, inspiring stories, and lively worship, we aim to nurture a strong foundation of faith while making sure every child feels valued and cherished.

Creative Learning & Playful Worship

Expect your kids to enjoy a mix of creative learning experiences and playful worship activities that cater to their age group. From hands-on crafts that reinforce biblical teachings to lively worship sessions filled with music and dance, every moment at KidsTime is designed to make learning about God a joyous adventure!

Age-Appropriate Groups

We understand the unique needs of different age groups. KidsTime is divided into age-appropriate groups to ensure that every child receives personalized attention and can fully engage with the activities tailored just for them.

Safe & Welcoming Environment

The safety and well-being of your children are our top priorities. Our dedicated team of trained volunteers is committed to creating a secure and welcoming environment where kids can thrive spiritually and emotionally.

Join Us Every SUNDAY at 10:30AM

We can't wait to welcome your little ones to KidsTime! Join us every Sunday at 10:30AM for a time of faith, fun, and friendship that will leave your children excited to come back week after week.

Come as You Are!

Whether your child is taking their first steps in faith or has been on this journey for a while, KidsTime is a place where they can come as they are and experience the love of Jesus in a warm and supportive community.

Bring the Whole Family!

While your children enjoy KidsTime, we invite you to explore the various programs and events we offer for the whole family. There's something for everyone at ELIM TABERNACLE.

See you at KidsTime—where faith, fun, and friendship come together! 

Please note the following:

  • a registration form must be filled out prior to your child attending so that we have necessary contact information on file.
    • Forms are available at the Welcome Desk or from KidsTime volunteers
  • Please accompany your child for their first time (they are called down after the worship) so that you can give our volunteers the paperwork AND so you know where they need to be picked up
    • A parent or caregiver must sign the child(ren) out
We are a "Plan to Protect" church and follow all safety guidelines/procedures to ensure a safe and fun program.