Nurturing Young Hearts: Explore the Excitement of Elim Tabernacle's Junior Youth Program!

At Elim Tabernacle Pentecostal Church, we believe in building a foundation of faith that spans generations. Our Junior Youth Program, catering to students in grades 4 to 8, is a vibrant community where young hearts discover the joy of fellowship, explore their faith, and forge lifelong friendships.

A Welcoming Haven for Young Souls:

Our Junior Youth Program is more than just a gathering—it's a haven for young souls seeking connection, understanding, and a place to grow in their faith. We provide a safe and inclusive environment where kids can be themselves, surrounded by a community that cares.

Engaging Activities:

Elim Tabernacle's Junior Youth Program is all about blending fun with faith. From interactive Bible studies and dynamic worship sessions to exciting games and activities, we ensure an engaging experience that leaves lasting impressions. Our goal is to make learning about faith an adventure filled with joy and excitement.

Building Lifelong Friendships:

Friendships formed in the Junior Youth Program often extend beyond the church walls. We encourage a sense of camaraderie and support, fostering bonds that grow with each shared experience. These connections become a crucial part of a young person's support system as they navigate the challenges of adolescence.

Faith Exploration:

Our program is designed to help junior youth explore their faith in a meaningful way. We delve into age-appropriate discussions, empowering them to ask questions, share insights, and develop a personal connection with their spirituality. Through this journey, we aim to instill values that will guide them throughout life.

Leadership Development:

Elim Tabernacle's Junior Youth Program is not just about receiving; it's also about giving back. We encourage leadership development, providing opportunities for junior youth to take on responsibilities, lead discussions, and contribute to the overall growth of the community.

Join Us Every Tuesday at 6:30PM:

We welcome all junior youth in grades 4 to 8 to join us every Tuesday at 6:30PM for a time of laughter, learning, and love. Elim Tabernacle is committed to providing a nurturing space for the next generation to blossom into confident, compassionate, and faith-filled individuals.

Junior Youth is all about equipping kids to live as disciples of Jesus.

It's about life-giving Christian faith: for our heads, our hearts, and our hands.

  • Learning more of God's Word
  • Growing closer to God by talking to Him
  • Seeing how to follow Jesus at home, at school, in sports, everywhere!
  • Actively learning to serve in church and the community 
  • Making friends and definitely having fun

What we do:

  • Alpha Study
  • Snacks
  • Crafts
  • Games


Pastor Bruce Greenwood